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RightIndem and ValueChecker are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, to create a paradigm shift in the automation of contents claims handling combining RightIndem’s cutting edge electronic First Notice Of Loss (eFNOL) platform with ValueChecker’s automated appraisal solution for home contents claims.

With customers heightening expectations for fast, hassle-free digital claims journeys, insurance carriers are driving to innovate their processes to deliver the most efficient and seamless customer experiences. The RightIndem-ValueChecker integration enables insurers, brokers and TPAs to offer a frictionless, ‘touchless’ and outstanding contents claim journey significantly enabling their digital transition strategies.

Through the combined cloud-based technologies, cycle times to report, validate, identify, find and calculate replacement values at ‘like kind and quality’ are significantly reduced providing an approach towards straight-through processing (STP) – or ‘touchless claims’.

With the insurance industry seeking to embrace and unify the significant amount of insurtech solutions available in the global marketplace, partnership collaboration as afforded through the model created by RightIndem and Value Checker provides a fast, automated and immediate model building upon the creation of a robust ecosystem designed to deliver innovative solutions that insurance companies, TPAs, brokers and policyholders can trust.

The partnership represents an agreement between two forward-thinking businesses operating globally, whose vision is to transform the experience of insurance claims by creating friction-free, touchless and fast customer journeys from incident to closure.

“We are delighted to partner with ValueChecker as working together we are enabling the customers and taking them seamlessly through a contents claim, quickly and efficiently. Additionally, we are ensuring the right settlement for both customers and clients …” says Oliver McGuinness, CEO of RightIndem.

“RightIndem fits perfectly in our global strategy to team up with innovative and dynamic solutions providers. Together we deliver cutting edge technology to Insurers and Claims Handlers which saves money for insurers as well the policyholders,”  says Arie Struik, CEO of ValueChecker.


About RightIndem

RightIndem offers a digital self-service claims platform for insurers, TPAs and brokers that transforms the claims experience by making the process easy and hassle-free for customers. The solution is a white-labelled platform for policyholders to self-serve their own claim through a curated digital process accessible on any device. The platform leverages structured and un-structured data capture and connects to RightIndem’s ecosystem of third-party fulfilment solutions, to automate key decisions on claims.

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About ValueChecker

ValueChecker’s solution is a validation tool that helps Insurance Claims Handlers quickly and accurately determine the fair claim values of damaged products. Available as a SaaS or integrated into legacy claim handling systems, ValueChecker shows real-time available Replacement Products with the best current prices at reliable stores. Actual Cash Value calculation rules are integrated for each individual client. ValueChecker is currently available in most EU countries and from 2021 in the US. ValueChecker entered into a strategic Sales and Marketing partnership with Dutch/EU insurance services provider Van Ameyde.

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