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Digital end-to-end platform increases value proposition through eFNOL.

Westhill Global Inc., the Atlanta based end-to-end digital claim platform, adds Rightindem’s cutting edge eFNOL and data capture capabilities to their ecosystem continuing their focus on building an exceptional experience for Policyholders, Carriers, and Contractors.

As both businesses have pursued their strategy of creating a friction-free insurance claim process for customers, the combined service offering builds upon the creation of a robust ecosystem designed to deliver innovative solutions that insurance companies and policyholders can trust, while continuing the primary focus on transforming the customer experience.

“The power is in the hands of the policyholder, and they expect to have an incredibly smooth and frictionless experience. We have partnered with RightIndem to set a new precedent in communication when it comes to eFNOL, forging a relationship and providing immediate value to those filing an Insurance claim.” says Larry Parker, Founder and Chief Product Officer of Westhill.

RightIndem is a fantastic addition to Westhill’s rapidly expanding ecosystem, designing an integration that significantly improves the onboarding and intake process for all new claims. In addition to removing friction and adding a layer of personal connection to each policyholder, Westhill also increases their data intelligence back to carriers. RightIndem expands their global distribution network of inventive and focused intelligence in the North American market.

“We are excited at the opportunity to partner with such a like-minded organisation in Westhill” said Oliver McGuinness, CEO of RightIndem. “One of our core strategies is to help our clients make the most efficient use of their ecosystems whilst ensuring their customers enjoy a seamless and pain free journey in the fulfilment of their claims. The combination of our digital assets and the Westhill network delivery model provides a powerful approach”.


About RightIndem

RightIndem offers a digital self-service claims platform for insurers, TPAs and brokers that transforms the claims experience by making the process easy and hassle-free for customers. The solution is a white-labelled platform for policyholders to self-serve their own claim through a curated digital process accessible on any device. The platform leverages structured and un-structured data capture and connects to RightIndem’s ecosystem of third-party fulfilment solutions, to automate key decisions on claims.

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About Westhill

Westhill Global Inc. (Westhill) provides digital solutions for the property & casualty (P&C) insurance industry, focused on delivering an exceptional claim experience. Westhill leverages smart technology to connect insurance carriers, contractors and policyholders, providing customer choice and removing inefficiencies from the claims process. Advocates in the power of connection, Westhill believe all successful experiences need a foundation grounded in transparency and shared value. These principles are woven throughout each facet of Westhill’s business model.

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