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In one of the latest episodes of Leading Change, Ema Roloff and Mike Daly discuss prerequisites and challenges of successful digital transformation, and the vital importance of selecting the right business partner.

Ema Roloff: Digital Transformation Lessons from the Field - Prerequisites, Challenges & Partnerships.



Although technology is an important factor to consider when choosing the right ally, there is another aspect which might sometimes be overlooked, and that is the ethics and the importance given to the buyer’s goals and KPIs.

 RightIndem’s core value is to put our clients first. We know that partnering requires a huge amount of trust, and this is why we implement this five pillars approach in the relationship with our clients.

1. We do exactly what we say on the tin.

We pride ourselves for being transparent in our communication with clients. We clearly communicate what we do, and what we had to give up in order to be great at what we do. We also know that transparency is crucial in forging healthy and long-lasting partnerships.

2. We collaborate, don't sell.

We believe that the traditional sales process is not the best approach to maintain a resilient relationship with clients. Through collaboration, we create more convenient and engaging experiences for our clients, while achieving simultaneously their goals and KPIs as well as ours.

We have explained in more detail our approach to collaboration, and analysed the research of Christoph Senn and Geoffrey Moore on the topic, here:

READ "Collaboration: the DNA of Technology Partners"

3. We work together from day 1: the client workshop approach.

Our solution is tailored and customisable for each client, based on their requirements and goals. We run regular workshops to get a clear understanding of their expectations, and long-term goals. Involving the client in the design process from day 1, allows us to refine the product roadmap, speed up the implementation process, and increase overall customer satisfaction.

4. We learn from our successes and mistakes.

RightIndem highly values customer feedback. By working so closely with our clients, we are able to understand immediately what we do right – and wrong – and pivot promptly. We also recommend clients to display a customer survey at the end of the digital journey, to collect their feedback. The CSAT completion rate of the surveys and the results tell us what the customers appreciate the most about our solutions, and what should be improved to meet their expectations.

If you want to discuss or approach or learn more about the RightIndem solution, please do not hesitate to get in touch.