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RightIndem secures exciting new business win with Flock. 

We are excited to announce a major milestone in our journey with Flock, the UK's foremost connected fleet MGA. This strategic partnership brings a new era in claims management, underlining Flock's commitment to proactive risk mitigation, enhanced pricing strategies, and a fully digital product experience.

Flock, renowned for its data-driven approach and emphasis on fleet safety, leverages proactive risk management techniques, including real-time dashboards and face-to-face interventions. Central to Flock's strategy is its unique utilisation of telematics data to augment pricing models, offering enhanced accuracy and competitiveness in the market. This innovative approach not only benefits Flock but also ensures fair and tailored pricing for its customers.

Flock's commitment to digitisation is exemplified through dedicated fleet and broker portals, providing a seamless, end-to-end digital experience for policyholders. This fully digital product ecosystem streamlines processes, enhances transparency, and empowers stakeholders with actionable insights.

The collaboration with RightIndem unlocks a wealth of opportunities for Flock, enabling rapid claims reporting, efficient third-party capture, and superior customer experiences.

Commenting on the partnership, Sam Halford, Head of Claims at Flock stated “This collaboration with RightIndem is a strategic move to take our claims management to the next level. By embracing digital solutions, we are not only reducing claims costs but also putting our customers first”.

RightIndem’s CEO, Oliver McGuinness expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are excited to join forces with Flock to drive innovation in the commercial motor insurance sector. Together we aim to set new standards in claims management, offering efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and an unparalleled customer experience”.

About RightIndem

RightIndem offers a digital self-service claims platform for insurers, TPAs and brokers that transforms the claims experience by making the process easy and hassle-free for customers. The solution is a white-labelled platform for customers to self-serve their own claim through a curated digital process accessible on any device. The platform leverages structured and unstructured data capture and connects to RightIndem’s ecosystem of third-party fulfilment solutions, to automate key decisions on claims. 

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