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One trend in recent years is for insurers to invest in expensive and complex core systems, try and transform all aspects leveraging the many modules comprising those core platforms, and coming a cropper - especially when it comes to claims.

Claims are not simple. They vary from accidental damage to CAT events; high volume/ low value and low volume high value. From a damaged or lost gadget to a fire-ravaged factory. 

After the pain endured implementing one type of claim, typically motor, the cost/time resourcing involved leaves the scars and the appetite to repeat that diminishes. The insurer looks for a claims specialist partner with both technology and domain expertise.

You can see the antidote to this problem in three partnerships announced in the last six months:

  1. WNS and RightIndem
  2. esure and RightIndem
  3. The AA and RightIndem


1) WNS Group 

WNS Group is a major and global BPO enterprise relied upon by 55 large insurers to transform all aspects of the business. It already manages over 30 million claims transactions a year with a claims spend of $ 13 billion. WNS announced a global technology partnership with RightIndem to deliver transformation across all aspects of claims from eFNOL to claims disbursements and to advance straight-through processing (STP). 

WNS is renowned for its benchmarking and attention to KPIs and SLAs so it's worth looking at the ambitious results it claims to deliver.

Operational Expenses:

  • Complete the automated self-serve journey in 10 minutes

  • Improve operational efficiency by 60%

  • Reduce claims cycle time by 40%

  • Improve automation of low-value, high-volume claims by 65%

  • Reduce human effort by 40-60%

  • Improved fraud repudiation by 1%

Customer Satisfaction

  • 83% of customers completed the curated journey

  • 93% of customers completed CSAT at the end of the process

  • 86% of customers claim the process is easy to use

  • 87% of claims were eligible for STP

  • 82% of customers are likely to recommend the solution

Efficiency and effectiveness cannot be gained at the expense of customer satisfaction so having a transformation strategy that addresses all aspects of the business from back-office, through middle-office to front-office and customers is vital if these KPIs are to be achieved.

Read more about the RIghtIndem and WNS Group partnership.


2) esure 

esure is a UK carrier that has gone all in for transformation with the ambitious goal its CEO David McMillan describes as "Fix Insurance for Good". Not just claims but the whole business. esure not only re-platformed on modern age CoreTech from EIS but partnered with AWS, EY, and RightIndem for a complete approach- customer experience across the whole business from buying insurance to renewing and settling claims. 

Read more about the RightIndem and esure partnership.

3) The AA

The AA also decided to work from the customer backwards to provide the UX and customer journeys that deliver customer satisfaction, staff satisfaction, efficiency, and cost reductions. Not just for insurance but roadside assistance and triage; even catering for insurance claims for its members that insured vehicles with other carriers.

Listen to how the Managing Director tackled the opportunities in this podcast by Insurtech.

Case Study: RightIndem and The AA.

Read more about the RightIndem and The AA partnership.

 In all three examples above the technology platform vendors are collaborating with carriers to enable technology ecosystems that deliver transformation across the whole business. The older core systems and claims platforms can deliver this but the time, cost, capabilities,  and resources necessary can be too much of a burden. 

In times when claims and Opex inflation is driving rising premiums, it becomes even more vital to seek modern, cloud-native technology platforms with micro-services, rich API layers, and integration capabilities that enable agile deployment to anticipate changing customer motivations and behaviours. Platforms that empower a carrier, broker, or MGA to choose between all the platforms and software to provide the optimal mix of digital and augmented human engagement to satisfy customers.

In RightIndem you have such a claims platform.